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Our Mission

Drive critical mission outcomes to create a national advantage
in an era of strategic competition

Become the preeminent source of trusted subject matter expertise and domain knowledge


Provide the insights and solutions that empower government action


Employ cutting-edge technical leadership and a cultivate a culture of continuous innovation


Marquee Defense was founded to build a team of the go-to people every organization relies on. We exercise the best qualities of leadership, and genuine care for our teammates and their families.

We clear obstacles, compensate people for what they are worth, and let them do what they are good at.


We celebrate our successes, provide a path to learn and grow, and look for the next challenging opportunity to seize upon.

The path to Marquee Defense started in the Air Force, which instilled a passion for service and demonstrated the importance of precision.

Transitioning to a small employee-focused company provided firsthand experience of the power of a positive and collaborative work environment.


Lessons from supporting a quick-reaction deployment organization focused on warfighter support proved the tangible impact of clear communication, agile decision-making, and unwavering dedication.

Freedom to innovate in a large technology organization provided the challenge of extracting insights, identifying patterns, and translating complex information into actionable solutions.

Marquee Defense does not just contribute to existing systems, but creates new, enduring knowledge, tradecraft, and critical mission outcomes.

Marquee Defense was added to its first subcontract in late 2023. Join us!

Company DNA

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