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Company Benefits

We take care of our people so they can focus on what they are good at

Up to 33 days off!

11 Federal Holidays so you can mingle with your fellow federal workers at the mall

20 PTO days minimum accrued through the year with 120 hours of carryover to the next year

2 PERK days (16 hours) annually to use on pesky CODE condition days


Up to 10% 401(k) contribution with a minimum 5% automatic contribution

Contributions are vested immediately

We contribute 5% of your pre-tax salary to your 401(k) whether you contribute or not

We will match 1:1 up to 10% of your annual salary! There is no easier money than that!

Medical/Dental/Vision and HRA

Marquee Defense pays 100% of employee plans and 50% for dependent plans

AND annually contributes up to $1,800 to the employee HRA plan


Details are still being worked out, but we intend to provide compensated options if you choose not to use the healthcare plan

Education, Certification, and Training

Employees can use $5,250 annually for continuing education, certifications (including maintenance), and training opportunities. Employees pay NO federal tax on educational reimbursement benefits!

Bonuses and payouts

Performance and SPOT bonuses for the exemplary work you do! A pat on the back doesn't cover plane tickets for a long weekend getaway.


Cash out excess PTO at the end of the year (and try to relax a little bit you workaholic)

$5,000 Minimum Referral bonus

Employee referrals are the best referrals; work with your friends and take them out to dinner! Get paid after your referral works at Marquee Defense for 90 days.

Company swag

No cheap pens here - jackets, hats, lanyards, and more

Your ideas are welcome - what looks good on you?

Employer generosity

People will say "Oh, you only get that sort of thing working at a small company." 

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