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Data Scientist



Job Location:

Fort Meade or National Business Park area

Job Type:

Full time in-person


Top Secret/SCI with Full Scope Poly (CI poly in some cases)


  • Employ some combination (2 or more) of the following skill areas:

  • Foundations: (Mathematical, Computational, Statistical)

  • Data Processing: (Data management and curation, data description and visualization, workflow and reproducibility)

  • Modeling, Inference, and Prediction: (Data modeling and assessment, domain-specific considerations)

  • Devise strategies for extracting meaning and value from large datasets

  • Make and communicate principled conclusions from data using elements of mathematics, statistics, computer science, and application specific knowledge

  • Develop and implement qualitative and quantitative methods for characterizing, exploring, and assessing large datasets in various states of organization, cleanliness, and structure

  • Translate practical mission needs and analytic questions related to large datasets into technical requirements and, conversely, assist others with drawing appropriate conclusions from the analysis of such data

  • Effectively communicate complex technical information to non-technical audiences

  • Make informed recommendations regarding competing technical solutions by maintaining awareness of technical tradeoffs between processing, storage, and analytic requirements

Work Experience

NOTE: Military Multiplier: Relevant military experience is credited as 1.25X years experience!

  • Bachelor’s Degree with 10 years of relevant experience

  • Associates degree with 12 years of relevant experience

Specialty Experience

  • None required

Relevant Experience

  • Programming (skill in at least one high-level language (e.g. Python)),

  • JupyterLab

  • REST API network calls

  • Visualization software (Plotly, Bokeh, Matplotlib)

  • Designing/implementing machine learning

  • Advanced analytical algorithms

  • Statistical analysis (e.g. variability, sampling error, inference, hypothesis testing, EDA, application oflinear models)

  • Data management (e.g. data cleaning and transformation)

  • Data mining

  • Data modeling and assessment

  • Artificial intelligence

  • Software engineering

  • Experience in more than one area is strongly preferred


  • A broader range of degrees will be considered if accompanied by a Certificate in Data Science from an accredited college/university

  • Mathematics, Applied Mathematics Statistics, Applied Statistics, Machine learning, Data Science, Operations Research, or Computer Science or a degree in a related field (Computer Information Systems, Engineering)

  • Physical/hard sciences (e.g. physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy), or other science disciplines with a substantial computational component (i.e. behavioral, social, or life) may be considered if it included a concentration of coursework (5 or more courses) in advanced Mathematics (typically 300 level or higher, such as linear algebra, probability and statistics, machine learning) and/or computer science (e.g. algorithms, programming, , data structures, data mining, artificial intelligence)

Marquee Defense is an equal opportunity employer (EEO)

All applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.

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